OPODD™ Device Registered as Class I Medical Device in the EU

ST. JOHN’s, CANADA (September, 2011) - UPTT Inc., a developer and marketer of innovative medical products for ostomates, announced today that the One Pass Ostomy Draining Device (OPODD™) is registered in the EU as a Class I medical device, adhering to Medical Device Directive MDD 93/42/EEC.

The OPODD™ is a hand-held device that supports daily care of pouch draining for ostomates. People who have had colostomy or ileostomy surgeries that utilize a pouch would benefit from using the OPODD™ Device to more effectively and efficiently drain the pouch. The combination of significant time reduction (performed in seconds), hygienic improvements, and odour reduction implies that ostomates can have more flexibility as to “where” this procedure can be performed. With the aid of the OPODD™ Device, the pouch can be comfortably drained in a public washroom or workplace with comfort and ease, and provide a sense of cleanliness to the patient.

“We are pleased to be now marketing the OPODD™ to EU Member Countries, and is another key milestone in our goal to bring the convenience, reliability and security of the OPDDD™ to world ostomates,” says CEO Phil Rondeau.

The OPODD™ was recently showcased at the WOCN Nurses Conference in New Orleans (June-2011), and the United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA) Meeting in Reno, Nevada in August, 2011. “Ostomates, professional nurses and caregivers immediately see the value and convenience of the Device”, says Anthony Janes, COO of UPTT Inc.

“This is a real innovation which will improve the quality of life of ostomates, and we feel from speaking to ostomates around the world, the OPODD™ innovation is the best to come to the industry in years,” says Janes. “The key hallmark of the innovation came from our CEO, Phil Rondeau, who battled Crohn’s, and had an ileostomy, but needed to work on an assembly line. Phil developed the prototype which he used over four years and enabled him to continue to work, and enjoy his personal and social life fully.”

“Convenience you can depend on”, is our brand says Rondeau, “since it tells ostomates that we know from experience what is important to them; and the OPODD™ gave me the confidence to really live my life rather than have the surgery determine my life.”

The OPODD™ is now available in Canada, the United States, and all 27 Member Countries of the Euopean Union.

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